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Community Helper Policies

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swatranger    124

This is the Community Guide for Helpers in Central Gaming Community.
Latest Update: 20/12/2018 11:21 GMT+ By Ranger

Helpers are selected by our Community Administration Team @swatranger & @Adam Shanks that our active and have been in the community for a duration of two month(s) to increase Our Community Information and be helpful to the player base. As a helper you will be given an orange name and will given access to the Forum & Server(s) staff channels to aid you in supporting the Staff and the Community.

As helper you will support the Community Administration Team while playing on the server; and will not have the full responsibilities of a Community Moderator, Community Administrator, Community Game Master and or Community Manger. You will be involved in resolving inquiries from the community player base on CGC Assets, Inc. Discord, TeamSpeak and the site. Additionally you will help keep the Community Servers at a good standard and report community offences to the Community Administration Team as soon as it happens via the staff channel (See 4.0 Reports). You will also provide constructive feedback on Compensations, Unban Appeals, Report Players and aid the player if the format is not to a good standard prior to a Decision made by Community Administration Team.

1.0 Rights

  • 1.1 | As a Helper you are not considered staff nor eligible for any privileges that boost an advantage of regular players.
  • 1.2 | As helper you will support the community by volunteering your time to participate in events, discussions, support and moderation of the CGC Assets while regularly playing on the server.
  • 1.3 | As a Helper you will be given access to the Staff Channel and Moderation tools on forums
  • 1.4 | As a helper you will be required to report offences to the Community Administration Team and fill out Report a Player on the forums section.
  • 1.5 | As a helper it gives you a boost for your application into Community Administration Team

2.0 Discord

As a Helper you will be given the role as helper on our primary discord and as a result you will be representing our community, and members will ask you for help. It is your responsibility to make sure that:

  • 2.1 | The Community Discord Server is maintained properly and highly active.
  • 2.2 | The Community Discord server is effective at providing answers to members and support any members with any inquires they might have
  • 2.3 | The Community discord is moderated effectively and any offences are reported to the Community Administration Team at its first convenience.

3.0 Forums
This Section is still being constructed. Please review at a later stage.

4.0 Reports
This Section is still being constructed. Please review at a later stage.







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