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Report a Player

Last updated: 28/11/2018 by Ranger


The thread is still in Construction, Follow Submit bottom below.


Staff team & the final say

Please respect that the staff team has the final say in the case and you have to accept whatever result they come up with. Failing to accept the staffs final say and bothering him with it can result in a ban. We're here to help everyone and do our best, but we're not your servants.


The only way that we can be sure that your claims are true is by you providing us the needed evidence to support your case. The evidence is a must and we will have to deny all reports with no sufficient evidence provided. There is also a few rules regarding what's considered valid evidence and not.

These are the requirements for video evidence:

  • The minimal length of 5 minutes (This can be shorter when the evidence is clear enough).
  • Audio has to be working, do not cut out Teamspeak or in-game sound.
  • Quality has to be decent enough to read names in the chat.
  • Is not edited unless specifically requested by a staff member.

These are the requirements for screenshot evidence:

  • High quality screenshot.
  • Is not edited what so ever.
  • Has to add value in regards to the report.


Please stay mature in your report, we do not accept any kind of foul language in your report. We expect you to show respect and don't write anything you shouldn't in the report. Your post simply has to be clear and not offend anyone in any way. If the report is sufficient, the reported player will be dealt with, so no need to go personal.


We have recently started using a new form system which will force people to use the proper template format, this makes it easier for the Staff to handle when everything is posted the way it's supposed to be.

Submit Form


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