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approved Member Report - D24 OCH

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Taylor    1


Applied By Taylor on 11/25/2018 10:14:18 PM and report event originating at 11/25/2018 6089

Member Report
First and Last Name
Taylor Sloan
FiveRP Server Two
Names of the player(s) being reported
ID of the Player(s) being reported
Who was indirectly linked with this event
Me, d24 och, then later, everyone
The Details of the event


It starts off, I turn into sandy from Joshua Rd Rping as Gruppe 6 and I look over to the left and see someone parked in the abandoned motel property, so i pull in and light him up & tell him to leave or he will be forced to or arrested, he goes off peacefully. Not five minutes later as im sitting parked on the motel property, he comes back, I go in for the arrest as it as classed as criminal tress passing, he starts a pursuit, not lasting long as he crashed into a house, i pull my car up to his bullbar to back of car to block him from going anywhere and rp an arrest, then he says " this is what you call rp? " and starts rambling, he tries to run away and then i say " better than what your doing " following by me tasing him. After that he disappears, he either teleported, no cliped or revived, out of a priority because it was " bad rp "  . About 15 mins pass and the official patrol ends everyone is offline exept from 3-4 staff and D24 and i see someone is spamming cargo planes, as i see no one is on exept from staff and d24 i call out his player id in chat, he later gets kicked.  


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swatranger    113

Server Logs Revised and D24 OCH indeed violated the Community Rules & Regulations. As a result, will be banned.

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