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LSPD - Sergeant Position (24/10/2018-26/10/2018))

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swatranger    126

ID:120 | Verified | DATE : 24th October 2018 GMT 04:57

Job Title: NIC/NCO Sergeant
Job Contract: Full-Time (Full-Time is where a person(s) performs the acts of the job description throughout patrols)
Academy Quaflication: YES
Reports To: Divisional Superior (Sgt. 329 Ranger) or Corresponding Chain of Command.

Introduction and Considerations

NCO Requirements:
Standard requirements will be marked as normal. Additional requirements set by the advertiser are marked in yellow.

  • Have a leadership trait and be able to lead and motivate a group of people.
  • Perform well under pressure and be able to clearly express areas of concern and improvements to the senior management team and divisional leaders.
  • Support the 2IC and 1IC in their daily operations in and out of game including watch commanding, administrative work, interviewing and disciplining individuals.
  • Hold the rank of Police Officer 3rd Grade or Equivalent. (Conditional Invites are Accepted)
  • Full Completed Entry and Police Quaflications
  • Have a good standing from any unit or division within the agency.
  • Submit your latest performance appraisal (if applicable) by your current supervisor, which will be forwarded along with your application to the Divisional Supervisor.


Introduction to the Position

As part of the Non-Commissioned Officer Divisional Supervisor Team, you will be a role model to various probationary and levelled personnel. A Sergeant is in charge of the daily operations of the supervisory teams, ensuring that all protocols are followed and all members are happy. An NCO Sergeant needs to have good leadership and communication skills and is determined to make this community strive in all aspects.

As an NCO Sergeant you will be given the following permission, responsibilities, and abilities:

  • Promotions
    NCO(s) have the right to promote any member(s) of their corresponding division (s), unit(s) from Probationary Personnel to Level One, Two, Three, and Four without confirmation and or approval from a 2IC or 1IC.
  • Recommendations
    NCO(s) have the right to promote any member(s) of their corresponding division (s) or unit(s) from Probationary Personnel to non-honourable medal(s) .
  • Meetings
    NCO(s) are required to perform meetings with their supervisor(s), member(s) of their corresponding division(s) or unit(s) on a monthly basis ensuring that everyone is happy, correctly trained and all concerns addressed.
    NCO(s) are required to perform an annual meeting with the Senior Management Team expressing areas of concern, improvements and how their unit is performing overall.
    NCO(s) will be asked to collectively introduce information and advice on patrol briefings for all divisional members to hear.
  • Training
    NCO(s) will be required to complete a division(s) or unit(s) training if applicable by a 2IC or 1IC.
    NCO(s) in rare occasions might be required to perform the role of a Temporary Field Training Officer (FTO) whereas, they perform a ridealong with a newly recruited cadet as a driver and a passenger.
  • Disciplinary Actions
    Any NCO(s) are required to issue disciplinary actions based on any member(s) of their corresponding division (s), unit(s) breaking the Terms of Service and or Department Guidelines in accordance to the Disciplinary Actions Severity Levels.
  • Writing Performance Letters
    Any NCO(s) are required to write performance letters to any member(s) of their corresponding division(s), unit(s) that the NCO is the divisional supervisor/leader of in the Performance Letter Format.
  • Ingame Supervision (This is Changed)
    I Cound't Find the Regulation for this.

Application Format

In order to submit this application, you will need to email ranger@centralgamingv.com with a letter of interest and a performance letter titled “Name Performance Review” from any equivalent supervisor(s).

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