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  1. I made a sort of Central Unturned Wiki. Still need to do a couple things, but here's the link: Sorry I cant get my own website, it would cost $5 a month.
  2. I might make a wiki or something for the server I'll make it by myself using HTML Hopefully look good
  3. THIS IS FOR STAFF ONLY If you are a staff you know some rules, But recently staff have not been active, I will point out the rules. 1: MUST be active at least ONCE A DAY. 2: Staff cannot use their commands for their entertainment / abuse their power. 3: You MUST act like you are a good addon to the team. 4: You NEED to help the players of the server. 5: Do NOT be rude to players or other staff. 6: Please notify the Administrators if you need to go inactive. 7: MUST check these forums EVERYDAY. IF ANY OF THESE RULES ARE BROKEN YOU MAY GET KICKED FROM THE STAFF TEAM DEPENDING ON WHAT HAPPEND
  4. donating

    I can only donate $5 I don't use Euro I use Dollars
  5. donating

    I would like to know how much I need to donate to get us the license mod. If someone can donate my suggestion is The License mod.