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    I am the newest addition to the Central team, and I am excited to be here! My first contribution to the community with Unturned is a steam webpage devoted to the credit shop. It is a list of items you can buy/sell with their prices and id's next to them. My goal for completion is mid September. Share your opinion and suggestions with me and i will respond to them!
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    I can only donate $5 I don't use Euro I use Dollars
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    Donation goal is £50.
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    Dear Community Members, I'm delighted to present to you our first unturned update featuring new economic system and a variety of more features for our Unturned Network. New GameServers #2 - PEI - #3 - Germany - New Kits Scrap (20 Minute cooldown) New eco-system /balance /pay /buy /buy v. /cost /sell